Aug 17, 2023

Germany has given the green light for the delivery of Leopard tanks to Ukraine, the government in Berlin announced on 25 January. Shortly after Berlin’s announcement, US President Joe Biden confirmed that the US would send Ukraine 31 Abrams tanks. Thus, after weeks of hesitation, a new stage in military support for Kiev has been passed, in anticipation of a possible counter-offensive to the Russian invasion. The war with Russia was approaching its one-year anniversary, and the move represented an important shift in the position of Western allies.

The Leopard 2 was seen as a vital military vehicle that would strengthen Kiev’s forces, and Germany’s decision paved the way for other countries to send some of their German-made tanks. Volodymyr Zelensky thanked the allies for their commitment, which he described as an “important step on the road to victory”. Russia, however, condemned it as „extremely dangerous” and an “unacceptable” US and NATO involvement that “will take the conflict to a new level of confrontation”.

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