WatchDog.MD Community is a think-tank based in the Republic of Moldova which builds public resilience to disinformation and manipulative narratives or stories


Its overall mission is to contribute to a favourable environment for the democratic development of the country. WatchDog.MD organization is active in monitoring the governance process and cooperating with national and international stakeholders. WatchDog.MD Community also monitored the electoral process and the reform process in Moldova. With the growing disinformation efforts to manipulate citizens’ political choices, WatchDog.MD is focusing on debunking and countering disinformation and building resilience to manipulation.


Over the last 5 years the organisation implemented various projects aiming to: 

  • counter propaganda and disinformation and foster public resilience against foreign and domestic disinformation;
  • foster public debate on key policy issues;
  • promote women in the policy sector;
  • support development of a network of local watchdog CSOs;
  • strengthen Moldovan diaspora’s activism. 


Since 2020, the WatchDog.MD Community has been constantly conducting thematic research to study the phenomenon of disinformation and toxic propaganda in the Republic of Moldova. The results of these surveys have been the basis for the analyses necessary for the campaigns against disinformation carried out by the WatchDog.MD Community.

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