The main themes of WatchDog.MD Community intervention are:

  • political analysis
  • media support
  • campaigns to combat disinformation and promote free elections
  • energy
  • analysis of major frauds and promotion of the fight against corruption
  • analysis in the field of combating Russian influence, disinformation, international cooperation, including promotion of sanctions
  • support for the involvement of women in public life

Our projects addressed issues as diverse as the analysis of Russian Federation’s influence in the Republic of Moldova through the: 

  • control of the energy sector;
  • corruption and money laundering in the banking sector;
  • foreign interference with Moldovan elections;
  • analysis and countering of disinformation and manipulation of public opinion;
  • media support in working with disinformation;
  • fostering contacts and external cooperation among civil society representatives in Moldova;
  • promoting reform dialogues and fostering reform solutions, hybrid threats in the EaP space (WatchDog.MD co-partnered with EaP organizations to review the case of Moldova);
  • capacity development for non-governmental organizations;
  • promoting women in the policy sector, etc. 

Over the past four years, WatchDog.MD organization has been active in monitoring the governance process and cooperating with national and international stakeholders. The NGO also monitored the electoral process and the reform process in Moldova. With the growing disinformation efforts to manipulate citizens’ political choices in 2018 and 2019 and the rapid decline of the democratic state starting with the November 2019, WatchDog.MD focused on debunking and countering disinformation and building resilience to manipulation.

The WatchDog.MD Community implemented various projects aiming to:

  • foster public resilience against foreign and domestic disinformation; 
  • counter democratic backsliding;
  • foster public debate on key policy issues;
  • promote women in the policy sector;
  • strength Moldovan diaspora’s activism, etc. 



  • European Endowment for Democracy
  • National Endowment for Democracy
  • Black Sea Trust Fund
  • European Commission
  • US Embassy to Moldova
  • Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR)
  • Konrad Adenauer Stiftung
  • Foundation Open Society Institute
  • Lithuanian Embassy in Moldova
  • Embassy of Germany in Moldova
  • Canada Fund for Local Initiatives
  • Soros Foundation Moldova
  • UN Women
  • Internews
  • European Union
  • and other donors.
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