The fourth survey on the perception of disinformation and political preferences of the population

Jun 27, 2023

On June 27, an opinion poll conducted by the Center for Sociological Research and Marketing “CBS-Research” on behalf of the Community for Advocacy and Public Policy “WatchDog.MD” was made public. 

The survey contains a number of questions on people’s political preferences – their level of trust in political leaders and their voting preferences for the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections. The questions put to respondents focus on social and political issues, foreign policy issues and Russian aggression against Ukraine. The survey includes multiple questions that focus on the impact of disinformation and propaganda on public opinion in Moldova. In particular, it shows a still very high impact of Kremlin propaganda on topics such as security, Russian aggression in Ukraine, international relations, etc.

According to the latest survey, the top 3 major concerns of Moldovans are: (1) a war in the area (45.6% of respondents); (2) prices (42.1%); (3) the future of children (37.5%).

From the same survey we learn that Maia Sandu still enjoys the most trust (open question, no answer options) from the population (37.9% of the total sample or 46.5% of those decided) among the political personalities in the country.

Survey no.4 shows that our society is still quite polarized on whether Moldova should join the European Union or the Eurasian Economic Union. Although the overwhelming majority of the population supports the European course of our country (58.5%), the number of supporters of the Customs Union is also quite high (37.9% of respondents). There is a certain reluctance among the population to join NATO, with 52.6% of respondents being against such membership.

The survey was conducted in the framework of the project “Assessing the impact of disinformation and toxic propaganda on public opinion in the Republic of Moldova“, implemented by the “WatchDog.MD” Community with the financial support of the European Union through Internews.

The project involves conducting research and 4 opinion polls between January and June 2023 on the impact of disinformation and manipulation and toxic propaganda on public opinion in the Republic of Moldova. At the same time, the “WatchDog.MD” Community analyzes the surveys and elaborates, on the basis of each survey, a set of findings and recommendations addressed to relevant institutions and actors in order to combat disinformation and propaganda. The CATI (telephone interview moderated by interviewer) survey was conducted by the Centre for Sociological and Marketing Research “CBS-Research” from 10 to 19 June, 2023 on a stratified sample of 1121 people aged 18 and over. The sample is representative of the adult population of the Republic of Moldova, with a maximum error of +3,1%. The questionnaire was available in Romanian and Russian and respondents were given the opportunity to choose the appropriate version.

The entire socio-political survey was broadcast live on:, Facebook WatchDog.MD.

The study can also be accessed via the active link: Download

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