Is Moldova a new battleground in Russia’s war?

Mar 29, 2024

Valeriu Pasha, Chairman of the WatchDog.MD Community co-wrote an article with Orysia Lutsevych of Chatham House, exploring Moldova’s challenges amid Russian efforts to sway its political future, especially in light of upcoming presidential elections and an EU membership referendum in 2024. Moldova’s geopolitical predicament is scrutinised against Russian interference, leveraging disinformation, financial influence, and support for separatist movements, particularly in Transnistria, to hinder Moldova’s European integration.

The Kremlin’s narrative frames Moldova as a territory within its sphere of influence, aiming to destabilize the pro-European government in Chisinau. Despite these challenges, Moldova is strengthening its resilience through legislative and security measures, focusing on combating disinformation, reducing energy reliance on Russia, and pushing judicial reforms to tackle corruption.

International support from entities like the G7 and the EU is highlighted as pivotal in aiding Moldova’s resistance against Russian encroachment, suggesting sanctions and collaborative efforts in information security as means to bolster Moldova’s sovereignty and European trajectory.

For a more detailed exploration of Moldova’s geopolitical landscape and its strategies against Russian interference, read the full article on the Chatham House website.

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