Working Group no. 1 of the National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, which includes non-governmental organizations active in the fields of justice, anti-corruption, human rights, mass-media, etc., has developed the third edition of compilations with the summaries of the public policy monitoring reports in Moldova. The document presents the results of the monitoring during the last year and will be presented at a meeting organized in Brussels very soon.

According to the authors of the report, the evolution of the events over the last two years shows the deterioration of the situation regarding the observance of the democratic principles and the rule of law. Among the most serious violations, which are described by the authors as signs of the “captured state” phenomenon, are listed the following: adoption of the electoral legal framework for the exclusive benefit of the ruling party, ignoring the recommendations of the national experts and those of the Venice Commission; invalidating the results of the local elections in the capital of the country (Chisinau) won by the opposition parties; mimicking the process of resetting the anti-corruption system, leaving the National Integrity Authority inoperative for two years; the use of law enforcement as a means of suppressing political opponents and competitors in the business environment; manipulating the public opinion through controlled media and restricting the space for free media; persecution of civil activists, whistleblowers, lawyers; the violent oppression of peaceful protests.

The report contains conclusions and recommendations for each chapter, as well as a compilation of public appeals and statements made by members of the National Platform.



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