is a community of civil society in Moldova, acting as a think-tank. It brings together experts in various fields to develop, analyze and evaluate sectorial public policies in Moldova. One of its main objectives is to provide accurate and comprehensive information on the true situation in critical areas in Moldova, including economics, public finance, democracy, election processes and human rights.
WatchDog’s primary aim is to contribute to establishing of a favorable environment for the democratic development of the Republic of Moldova.

Statement on the eroding democracy in the Republic of Moldova

We, the Signatory Organizations, members of the Civic Coalition for Free and Fair Elections, and of the National Platform of Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, and other non-governmental organizations, Understanding the mission and responsibility of...

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Brief report: Moldovan energy sector challenges

Moldova is fully dependent on the Russian Federation for its gas and electricity supplies. This threatens the country’s energy security. 1. Gas sector Moldova’s annual gas consumption is nearly 1 billion m3, with Gazprom the main supplier. The gas interconnector...

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